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Established in 2007 and headquartered in Drachten in the Netherlands, WhisperPower’s ongoing mission is to deliver grid-independent power systems to contribute to a cleaner and brighter future. WhisperPower rolled out the first edition of low-emission, hybrid diesel generators in 2010, whose quiet-running and fuel-efficiency made an immediate impact on their marine, mobile and off-grid customers.
The company has since built a portfolio of associated power products for use in off-grid locations on land and sea. These are assembled in their 5500m² facility and distributed around the world via an ever-growing network of highly-skilled and passionate distributors and dealers. Many of WhisperPower’s customers are blue-chip organisations where environmental thinking is now an important part of their social governance.

WhisperPower is an international leader in the development, production and maintenance of modern zero-emission solutions such as OctoPower, along with diesel generators to cover hotel power load demand as well as e-propulsion back-up power. WhisperPower’s products are used worldwide in places that are (temporarily) without normal electrical power. This includes onboard motorboats/yachts, commercial vessels, many types of vehicles and in remote locations. As energy usage increases, so too does the demand for (green) energy solutions.

With a major share of the marine, commercial, recreational and terrestrial mobile markets, WhisperPower continues to expand. It does this with the help of its own web-based TV channel – WhisperTV, along with its unique Whisper Online Training Program and this brand new advanced website to assist customers in all fields of WhisperPower technology.

WhisperPower originated from Mastervolt, which now belongs to the Brunswick Corporation (USA), and until 2010 took care of the production of Mastervolt generators.
Roel ter Heide, owner and CEO of WhisperPower, stood at the cradle of both Mastervolt and Victron Energy and has been able to reinforce his life’s motto by founding WhisperPower:

To offer our customers the best, most sustainable and most efficient complete electrical system solutions for vessels, yachts, vehicles, houses and objects, which are not equipped with a (permanent) electrical grid connection. We cleverly implement the possibility of generating power by adding compact, silent and energy-efficient back-up power generator systems, possibly combined with solar power.

WhisperPower International B.V. is a Dutch company with sales offices in the United Kingdom, Spain, Germany, the United States, Australia, New Zealand and China. A global network of professional sales and service partners ensures abundant support in the field.

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